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Thrifty Thursday!

I am so inspired and overwhelmed with projects right now! I can't wait to get started! I don't think I've mentioned yet that we're having another Vintage Madison event (following the success of our Fall Fashion Show/Sale). . .This time were doing a Holiday "Pop-Up" Shop!

I'm so excited, because we're able to have it at this great art gallery/concert venue/general-use artists' space called the Project Lodge. This morning, I met with the director of the Project Lodge, along with my Vintage Madison co-sponsor, Claire (of Mamushka Marie Vintage). We started brain-storming display and decorating ideas, and came up with some great ones! Claire is making jewelry and vintage ornaments to hang on our faux-tree. So, I got inspired to make things as well--I'm thinking pillows, for starters.
So, after the meeting, Claire and I went to Goodwill to find more inspiration (and, of course, there was lots of shopping involved!) We found all kinds of cool display items, as well as things to sell. I got an armful of funky vintage plaid fabric to make pillows out of. Claire found a funky red suitcase and several adorable garments. . .
Besides fabric, I found the most wonderful thing-- something I've been looking for for a long time. . .
Yes, it's a birdcage. But Jess, you might say, do you even have a bird?  Well, no. . . but I've always thought that birdcages were the most beautiful items. Now, it needs some work, but I will turn it into a piece of art. First off, I need to spray paint it (probably bright gold). . . I'll post some "after" pics when it's done. 
Time to get crafty!

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  1. Jess: The birdcage is cool. Last week we flew out of Tampa and a woman in front of us in line had one of these. She was traveling to Texas, and you guessed it, she used it as carry-on luggage for 2 pairs of cowboy boots. Of course she was wearing another pair. A woman can't have too many.