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The NEW Good Style Shop Collective

Well, first of all, Happy (belated) 4th of July! I hope yours was better than mine. . .Unfortunately, I was quite sick the last two days with what I thought was strep throat, so I spent our nation's birthday laying on my couch watching British period dramas on Netflix and eating ice cream. It wasn't all bad, though, at least I had an excuse to stay inside and avoid the 100 degree + temperatures we've had this week!
Luckily, today I am feeling much better because it's my first day working at the new Good Style Shop Collective! Myself and 6 other vintage sellers have joined forces to form the first shop in Madison of it's type, carrying a very diverse and ever-changing stock of vintage clothing, accessories, records and more! We've all brought in so many things the last few days that the shop has taken on a totally new look- super stocked and fabulous! I'm very excited to be a part of this and I hope it gets the local attention it deserves.

On July 14th we're having our big "re-opening party" which should be a blast! And then in September we're moving to a bigger space! Just one more thing to keep me super, duper busy this Summer!