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Thrifty Thursday!

OK, I have a confession to make. . . I'm a thrift-a-holic! I absolutely cannot control my compulsion to walk inside every and any thrift store that I pass (as well as yard sales, flea markets, etc.) because who knows what treasures may lie inside? What if there's a pristine 1950 Chanel dress for only $4?! I have to rescue it! Well, maybe that's a little dramatic, but you catch my drift. . .
Anyhoo, I thought I'd start a weekly post about my thrifting adventures and conquests-- Thrifty Thursday. I didn't have a ton of time today, but thought I'd share a few pics of what my shopping yielded this week.
This gorgeous black and silver dress is my favorite thing from this week. Originally, it was a full-length dress but as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to make it a mini. . . It was a bit tricky, bringing the hem up, but I think it worked out beautifully. Unfortunately, it's a bit small for me, so I immediately photographed it and put it up on the website. It's going to make a damn fine Holiday party dress for one lucky lady.
I'm not sure what to do with this one. .. It's pretty cute on it's own-- I love the color and the pleating on the chest. I may take the hem up to make it shorter, or do something with the sleeves. . . Any suggestions?
love this shirt. definitely keeping it for myself :)
I can't have enough mod mini-dresses. . . This one also required a lot of altering, but I think it'll be a great staple for the winter.
It's hard to tell from this photo, but this is a really gorgeous semi-sheer red dress with lovely black floral patterning and funky bell sleeves. Again, not my size, so it'll definitely be up on the website soon!

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