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Well, we're back in the good ol' US of A! Been home almost two weeks now and I think the jet lag has finally worn off. . . although, I've been sick for almost a week now, so maybe my body hasn't totally adjusted. Unfortunately, I don't really have time to take it easy, though. I'm crazy busy getting ready for the "holiday season"- I'll be doing two Vintage Madison one-day sales before Christmas and a sale/party at my house. Which means I need to stock up!
Earlier this week we spent a few days in South Dakota for a belated Thanksgiving with Josh's family. As usual, we ate a lot, drank a lot, went shopping at my favorite small-town thrift store, and then we took pictures. This time Josh's brother and his girlfriend came with, so I had someone to "model" for me, and Josh's little sister got in on the fun too!

Every time we're there, I become more and more fascinated by the landscape of this strange, remote place. . . It's so incredibly different than where I grew up in the suburban South. The light in South Dakota is the most amazing of anywhere I've been- around dusk it's impossible for me to not be outside taking photos!