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Post Pop Up Shop Photo Shoot!

So, a couple days before we closed up the Pop Up Shop, this guy named Jerry wandered in. . . He's a photographer with a serious passion for vintage, and an expert in pin-up style photography. He was very impressed with our collection of clothing and offered to do a photo shoot in the shop. So on closing night, as soon as the last few customers left the shop, Jerry set up a backdrop and lights and went to town! It turned into a fantastic last-night party, with all of us Vintage Madison ladies (and Pete of the Good Style Shop!) playing "dress up" and getting our turn in front of the camera. Here are some of the best shots!

photos courtesy of Pop Pics!



Pre-Prom Pop Up Shop!

What a crazy week it has been! In anticipation of Vintage Prom,  we 3 ladies of Vintage Madison are hosting our second Pop Up shop. We set everything up in one day, last Thursday, and that night we had our "sneak peek" party. So much fun! Since then, it's been great having a whole week to play "shop girl". I love talking to all the couples who come in looking for coordinated vintage Prom outfits.

We have to take everything down tomorrow, which will be kind of sad. . .But I am very, very excited for Prom- it's only 10 days away! And I have 2 fabulous dresses to chose from (I would post pics but they're both at the dry cleaners).
Well, back to the shop. . .



Prom Fever

So, I'm in the final stages of Vintage Prom planning. . . It's only 3 weeks away! (and just 4 days from now, we'll be setting up the Pre-Prom Pop Up Shop) I'm really busy but really excited- it's going to be a lot of fun! Even my mom is getting in the spirit-- Last week I got a letter from her with some photos. . . This is my mom at her prom in 1971:
 Notice how she and her bff are basically wearing the same dress but in two different colors- cute! And I LOVE the white gloves!
Also, she sent me a pic of my Aunt Jean before Prom-- Must have been 1968 or 69.
Pretty in Pink! Classy. And again with the gloves. . . I need to find a pair.

So, I haven't settled on a dress to wear yet-- I'm still considering a few from my collection, as well as searching etsy. . . Ideally, I'd love a tea-length tulle number from the late 50s/early 60s. I'll tell you what I will NOT be wearing-- this hideous silver Cinderella gown that I rocked 11 years ago at my own Prom.
Ok, maybe hideous isn't the right word-- ill fitting? yes. my style? no, not at all. I remember frantically dragging my mother through shop after shop in the mall the day before prom looking for a dress (of course it was slim picking that late in the game-- why didn't Etsy exist back then?) because I had just decided to go to prom a day or so earlier. I didn't want to. I was too cool. . .it might hurt my "image". But my swell friends (most of whom had boyfriends, I did not) talked me into it. So I went. And I do remember having a good time. But now I am SUPER excited to have a second chance. I'll do it right this time. . . hot date, great dress, and I can order drinks at the bar instead of taking swigs of Southern Comfort from the same flask as 12 other people!




So, once again I find myself apologizing for the lack of posts. . . I have been incredibly busy, plus we are FINALLY getting some decent Spring weather, so I've been outside as much as possible. Last week, however, I got to take a break from my hectic schedule to celebrate my 29th birthday. I can't believe my 20's are almost over. . . It really, really flew by fast. But, enough lamenting my fleeting youth. . . My birthday was lovely, thanks to my friends and my sweetheart, Josh. Somehow, he managed to plan a "surprise party" and I didn't find out about it until the day before!  Not bad, for someone who can never keep a secret. Luckily, the weather was nice so we grilled a feast of seafood, veggies, steak, and of course (this is Wisconsin)-- brats.  And my friend Kylie put together a pinata filled with candy, mini bottles and "adult" goodies.
The next day Josh and I went for a lovely drive out of the city. . . We were looking for thrift stores but didn't find many that were open. Oh well, the scenery was great!