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Thrifty Thursday--Back from Minneapolis

Well, I think I've said it before, but Minneapolis is one of my favorite thrifting towns. . .I never spend more than a day or two there at a time, but I always make sure to stop in at least one or two thrift stores. This week, Josh and I went up for a night because he was playing a house concert with our friend Brianna Lane. We had a great time-- our hosts cooked an amazing spread of food, and all of the guests were so nice and welcoming!

Brianna is wearing an adorable 1950's-style dress with a watercolor bird pattern (*she bought the dress from me-- I'm so happy when my clothes find a good home!)

OK, so onto the thrifting. . . On our way out of town, Josh and I stopped at a couple of good thrift stores.  Value Thrift (on Hwy 94) was one of the absolute best thrift stores I've ever been to! First of all, it's enormous! Like a whole thrift store mall. . . Unfortunately, I didn't really have the time to properly devote (like a whole weekend), but in about an hour I was able to the at least skim the whole place. Now, the prices are not as cheap as many thrift stores, but the selection is amazing, the garments are all well maintained, and the place is pretty clean, so maybe that makes up for it.
Here's what I found: boots, boots and more boots! As well as some great leather men's jackets.
All of these new goodies will be up on the website soon. . .Promise!

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