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Weekly Wishlist: Spring Dreamin'

Well, there's another huge blizzard passing through the Midwest today. And I have to walk to work in a few minutes. Guess I have the Winter blahs. . . and there's still at least 2 more months of snow and cold ahead!
Needless to say, I'm already daydreaming of sunny Spring days, open-toed shoes, short dresses (without leggings!) and no more need for scarves, hats, gloves and snow boots. Here are a few items I found that made me smile.

MY LADY OF THE FUCHSIAS dress by SwaneeGrace

Vintage Bantam Green Floral Overnight Bag by Plaid Pony

Secret Garden Art Cocktail Ring by Schmooks

Vintage Copper Strappy Sandals by JessJamesJake

Oh well. . . for now I'm going to revisit my post "10 Things to Look Forward to this Winter" that I wrote in November, to remind myself that Winter has its perks.



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