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Kill the Bill!

Ok, I know this is technically a fashion blog, but permit me to get political for a moment. I find myself suddenly living in the epicenter of a historic American political situation. My town- Madison, WI- has for a full week now been buzzing with protest and rioting due to our moronic new Governor's "budget care" bill. In case you don't watch the news and haven't picked up a newspaper this week- you can get the low-down here.
Basically, it just really saddens me that anyone in this country could agree with taking rights away from overworked, underpaid public employees like teachers and nurses. But at this point, I'm sick of debating it, sick of looking out my window and seeing it. I just want all of the Tea Party-ers, carpetbaggers, politicians, reporters and celebrities to leave. I want my city back.
Anyways, that's my explanation for being sort of m.i.a. this week-- every day I've been up at the Capitol showing my support for Wisconsin workers. . .and taking lots of pictures.

I wish my country wasn't so divided. I wish we had leaders who stood up for our best interest. And I wish we didn't have to have protests like this. . . But at least it's refreshing to see people standing up for themselves and their ideals!

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