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Thrifty Thursday

Wow, I have done a lot of thrifting this week. I've hit up just about every thrift store in the greater Madison area. Also, this past weekend some girlfriends and I went up north to a small town named Minocqua, and we spent at least an hour in this adorable little thrift shop. . . I found a few little trinkets there, like this ashtray and tea tin.
Today I "stopped by" Goodwill, and ended up scouring the entire store. Found some great things, though. 

 I must have (subconsciously) had Valentine's Day on the mind because I was drawn to clothes in lovely shades of red and pink. . .
I altered this flowered skirt-- originally it was much longer. Now I'm considering keeping it because it makes me long for Spring. But it will be a few months before I can walk bare-legged through the streets of Wisconsin!
All of these goodies will be for sale on the website shortly!


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