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New Craft Obsession: Tunisian Crochet

So yesterday was the 2nd Sunday Craft Party, during which a few of us crafty ladies got together to eat, drink, craft and learn. This week we had a fantastic lesson on Tunisian Crochet--what I am told is a great intro technique to knitting and crochet. Now, I have never knit or crocheted before (I know it's awesome and trendy to knit, but I just haven't gotten around to learning), but I found this method a pretty quick learn. And now, I think I'm hooked (to use a nerdy crochet pun)!

Our teacher was Sheryl Thies, who just released a new book: Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet.
I also found some great tutorials on YouTube, in case any of you are interested in learning.

How to Crochet- Tunisian crochet or Afghan stitch by Naztazia

My first project is a neck cowl-- fingers crossed that it turns out ok! I'll post pics when I'm done!



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