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Saturday was the first ever Thread & Ink Indie fashion fair and it was great! It was sort of hectic trying to put together a fashion show while manning my booth, but it all came together. The High Noon Saloon is not very big, so it was totally packed with amazing things! Besides me, there were 2 other vintage sellers, plus several printmakers and a guy who makes custom jeans.

I didn't spend a ton of time on the fashion show- I only had 4 models- but they all looked great! The "theme" ended up being a 1960's glamorous gold look.
hanging out after the show, acting very "Mad Men"
From top left: Eve in sparkly bronze pencil skirt & 1960's black ruffled blouse, Erin in rose-print party dress (on Etsy), Kylie in 1960's colorful print shift dress & leather fringe jacket (on Etsy), Lainie in 1960's couture beaded gown (on Etsy).

This weekend I'll be moving into the Good Style Shop as part of the new vintage collective! I'm super excited, especially since this means I'll get to do more shopping!


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