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Prom Fever

So, I'm in the final stages of Vintage Prom planning. . . It's only 3 weeks away! (and just 4 days from now, we'll be setting up the Pre-Prom Pop Up Shop) I'm really busy but really excited- it's going to be a lot of fun! Even my mom is getting in the spirit-- Last week I got a letter from her with some photos. . . This is my mom at her prom in 1971:
 Notice how she and her bff are basically wearing the same dress but in two different colors- cute! And I LOVE the white gloves!
Also, she sent me a pic of my Aunt Jean before Prom-- Must have been 1968 or 69.
Pretty in Pink! Classy. And again with the gloves. . . I need to find a pair.

So, I haven't settled on a dress to wear yet-- I'm still considering a few from my collection, as well as searching etsy. . . Ideally, I'd love a tea-length tulle number from the late 50s/early 60s. I'll tell you what I will NOT be wearing-- this hideous silver Cinderella gown that I rocked 11 years ago at my own Prom.
Ok, maybe hideous isn't the right word-- ill fitting? yes. my style? no, not at all. I remember frantically dragging my mother through shop after shop in the mall the day before prom looking for a dress (of course it was slim picking that late in the game-- why didn't Etsy exist back then?) because I had just decided to go to prom a day or so earlier. I didn't want to. I was too cool. . .it might hurt my "image". But my swell friends (most of whom had boyfriends, I did not) talked me into it. So I went. And I do remember having a good time. But now I am SUPER excited to have a second chance. I'll do it right this time. . . hot date, great dress, and I can order drinks at the bar instead of taking swigs of Southern Comfort from the same flask as 12 other people!



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  1. Holy shit! Your Aunt Jean looks so much like Sam it's frightening!