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BIG news!!

So, I've been sitting on this for a while-- but the big news is that I bought a vintage store! Ok, to clear things up, I am not opening my own brick-and-mortar store (yet), but I did purchase the contents of a store that had to close suddenly.  Now I have a storage space full of beautiful vintage dresses, jewelry, suits, hats, scarves. . . even some furniture!  I'm a little overwhelmed, but I've been hard at work the last couple weeks designing a new fully-functional e-commerce site to sell on.  There aren't many products on it yet, but you can take a look here. Now, my plan is to put a lot of time and energy into this website, and eventually (when the timing is right and I can find the perfect space), I will open a store.
Well, I've got a lot to do-- back to work!

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