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Retro Chicago

So I only live about 3 hours from the grand city of Chicago, but unfortunately I've never been able to take the time to really know it. It seems whenever I'm there, it's only for an afternoon or maybe one night. I'm always desperately trying to squeeze in a couple hours at the Art Institute, or a tiny bit of shopping in Wicker Park, or a meal at one of the many, many restaurants I'm dying to try.  Well, this weekend was pretty special because I was finally able to spend 2 whole nights in the windy city.  Of course, that's still only scratching the surface, but I got to do everything I really wanted to do, and in the end it was a lovely retro-themed weekend.
Friday evening we grabbed a drink at the oh-so-famous Signature Room bar on the 95th floor of the Hancock Tower.  It was kind of annoying waiting in line to ride the elevator, and of course the drinks were a little over-priced, but the bar was really beautiful as was the view. We caught the last few minutes of daylight, and as the sun turned bright pink and faded out of view there was a magnificent thunder storm in the distance.
Afterward we headed over to Wicker Park for a little Italian food at Club Lucky.  The restaurant was charmingly decorated like a retro diner (although I think they were going more for martini bar), and the food was fantastic.
On Saturday, I was left to fend for myself most of the afternoon. . . which was fine with me. I, of course, headed straight to the vintage shops clustered mostly around Wicker Park. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of luck shopping, but I did see a lot of cute things-- especially in this place called "Lenny and Me".  They have a small boutique that carries an array of lovely vintage clothing and accessories, and then in the back there's a surprise gallery. Also, a block or so down they have a sister store: Lenny and Me Home.  This store is quite large and filled to the brim with vintage and repurposed furniture and decor as well as more vintage clothing.
Saturday night I met up with some girlfriends for a bachelorette party. We stayed at the beautiful and chic Hotel Allegro.  The decor was clean and modern with a funky retro twist. Here's a sneak peak at the wallpaper in the lobby. . .

As you can imagine, a Saturday night bachelorette party in Chicago can get pretty wild. But before the debauchery and dancing started, we stopped in for a quick drink at the Beauty Bar.  Ok, the crowd was a little lame at 9:30, but this is the most adorable bar I've ever been in. . . the walls have glitter in them! And you can get your nails done while you sip your martini.  Amazing.

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