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No, I wasn't in Europe this weekend. . . the next best thing, though-- VEGAS!  What a strange place! We wandered around in a sort of daze, admiring the Disney-esque architecture and the totally American, completely over-the-top decadence.  Vegas is a really strange, unique mix of high and low.  For example, you can be shopping at Marc Jacobs in the Bellaggio and a group of guys without shirts on, carrying "yard stick" margaritas might walk by.  So, just to balance out these "glamorous" Vegas pics, lets see some not-so-glamorous ones. . .
I especially love the "American Hot Dog" billboard behind the showgirls. . . .

I did have a blast, though.  And I didn't lose any money (didn't win any either). . . . Unfortunately, I also didn't get to do any vintage shopping.  Although, I did come across a beautiful shop in the Venetian, called "Designer Vintage".  It was a boutique filled with lovely, insanely overpriced "designer" vintage items (though many things didn't even have tags on them).  I suppose most of the women who shop there don't know what things are worth, and don't have a problem paying $500 for a 1950's cotton dress.  Ah well.  Viva Las Vegas!

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