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We Heart Boston

As everyone knows, a terrible thing happened here in Boston a few days ago. Some unknown, evil person or persons planted 2 bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon and when they went off, 3 innocent people were dead and nearly 200 were wounded. I know bombs go off in other countries every day- we read in the news about the thousands of civilians dying in places like Syria and Afghanistan. I think it's important to keep these facts in mind when dealing with terrorism in America. . . however, as we all know, the closer you are to the tragedy the more tragic it seems. I keep thinking about people who died or lost limbs on Monday- they just wanted to enjoy a race on the first sunny day in weeks. I've only been in this city for two weeks, but after day 1 I had completely fallen in love with it, so this violence seems personal.
Luckily, Josh and I were in South Boston when the bombs went off- several miles from the site. I still haven't been through that part of the city, so it still seems a bit surreal and removed. But on Tuesday we spent the afternoon walking around Cambridge and you just felt such a strong sense of community, of compassion. Crazy, inconceivable things happen every day on this planet and sometimes I think humanity is just going right down the toilet. . . but then you see something like this.
college kids giving out "Free flowers, hugs and conversation" in Harvard Square
we met Eric Sommer who was playing music in the square- he's been on tour non-stop for years!

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