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British Invasion

This Tuesday we're finally embarking on our much-anticipated five week European tour across the pond! Wednesday morning we land in London and are spending the first week hopping around England, before moving on to Scotland, Ireland and (fingers crossed) Paris and Amsterdam. I started packing today, and couldn't help but think of all the "classic" British styles that I wanted to emulate. So here's a little tutorial (a refresher course, I'm sure) on some of the more popular fashion trends that have emerged from Merry Ol' England.

Design characteristics: bright colors, geometric patterns, short a-line shift dresses, knee-high boots, bold eye make-up
Fashion icon: Twiggy
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Punk- beginning in the 1970's London music scene

design characteristics: denim, leather, band tees, "bedhead", lace-up boots, studs
Fashion Icons: Sid & Nancy, the Clash, the Ramones, Vivienne Westwood
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design characteristics: plaid, tweed, blazers, ties, tailored suits, oxfords, trench coats
Fashion Icons: Kate Moss, Burberry models
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Ok, now I have some serious packing to do!


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