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Oh Lord, the last week has been such a whirlwind! On Wednesday we had the Vintage Madison Fall Fashion Show. All afternoon I was running around like a mad woman trying to finish up outfits and dress the models. Luckily, our friends Emily and Holly from Anaala Salon were there to do all the hair & make-up. Plus, Emily made some absolutely fabulous feather hair pieces! Surgeons in Heat, a fantastic local band, played for about an hour after the show. . . it was great to let loose and dance after such a crazy day. All in all, I think the night was a total success. It's so strange when you plan something for weeks, putting all your heart and soul into it, then it's over in 5 minutes! Ah well, at least there are great pictures to remember it by. . .

check out all the photos on our facebook page!

So, I took the entire day on Thursday and Friday to relax and unwind (and get over a little cold), but then on Saturday we were back at it- setting up our Fall Pop-Up Shop.  We had the grand opening party on Sunday, and are staying open all week! This is the longest pop-up shop we've done so far, and I'm pretty excited to have the entire week to hang out and play shop girl. I'll post some pics of the shop tomorrow.


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