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Fashion Illustrator Bobby Hillson

Lately I've been scouring the web, the library and all of my magazines looking for inspiration for the poster design for our second annual Vintage Madison fall fashion show. I'm thinking that some sort of fashion illustration would be fantastic, so I'm trying to draw something myself (no royalty fees!), but I'm not much of an illustrator. Anyways, I'll figure something out, but in the meantime I'm finding all sorts of amazing inspiration.
Some of my favorite illustrations that I've come across are by London-based illustrator and designer, Bobby Hillson. She has worked with all of the major British designers of the last 50 years, and even taught Alexander McQueen!
These gorgeous line drawings from the 1960's are so simple yet amazing! I added some pops of color. . . enjoy!

Learn more about Ms. Hillson here.



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