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Weekly Wishlist: New Year's Eve

Well, it's New Year's Eve-- the biggest party night of the year. Unfortunately for me, I have to work. Yes, it's also the most lucrative night of the year for waitresses, so I'm going to suck it up and forgo the party dress for an apron in hopes of making some much-needed mad cash. Ah well, c'est la vie. To cheer myself up, I did some "window shopping" on Etsy today, and here's my wishlist entitled "What I Would Wear" this NYE, featuring lovely shades of pink and silver!
1. Vintage 1940's Everlasting Light Party Dress, by Dear Golden Vintage

2. Afternoon Delight Floral Headband, by Crafts2Cherish

3.  Vintage Fluorescent Orange Pink Coat, by Animal Head Vintage

4. 1920's Pink and Silver Beaded Belgium Clutch, by Frocks n Frills Vintage

Happy New Year's! See you in 2011!



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