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Back to my roots. . .

So, I grew up in Georgia but have since migrated north to good ol' Wisconsin. I love it here in the Midwest, but of course there are some things about the South that I miss: my friends and family, winters that stay above 20 degrees, and the food. Fried chicken, cornbread, collard greens. . . Bring it on!  When I was 18, I moved to beautiful Charleston, SC for college, and there I discovered the treasures of "Low Country" Cuisine: gumbo, she crab soup, low country boil, shrimp and grits. . . Most of the food down there has seafood in it, of course.
A couple nights ago, the Mermaid Cafe, a darling little breakfast and lunch spot down the street from us, hosted a special dinner in the style of Low Country South Carolina cooking. Of course I had to go. Get back to my roots, you know.
Here's what I wore:

I found this adorable plaid dress at a Theatre Costume sale for $2! Do I look like a Southern Lady? Ok, maybe the plaid is more Scottish Lass. . .

The best part is the back:
And when the sun went down and it got chilly, I threw on this cropped navy jacket that I picked up at a yard sale last week
Finally, I went through my collection and "borrowed" this adorable kelly green handbag (It will be up for sale on the site very soon, i promise)
Ok, finally, I just have to say-- How cute are these shoes?!
And just to leave your mouths watering, here are some pics of the amazing food (served 'family style'--LOVE IT!)
Here's a pic of my honey, Josh, looking like a Southern Gentleman in his vest. . . And YES, those are peanuts floating in the Coca-Cola (according to our host- this is a common Southern snack, though I don't remember doing that growing up!)

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