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Well, the road trip is winding down. . .we'll be back home tomorrow.  This past week has been especially good shopping. On Sunday we left Western Washington and spent the night in Spokane.  On Monday I discovered the most wonderful vintage shop called Finders Keepers.  They specialize in Vintage Estate Jewelry, but they're vintage clothing collection was just as impressive. . . and very reasonably priced.

Two days later we stopped through Butte, Montana on our way to Bozeman.  Butte is an interesting town-- there used to be a lot of money there because of mining, so there are all these gorgeous old brick buildings built into the hill.  Unfortunately, now most of them are empty and some are condemned. So I was somewhat surprised to find a very upscale vintage boutique amongst the ruins.  Rediscoveries is run by a passionate older man who takes vintage very seriously. His collection of gowns/dresses is one of the best I've seen, plus a great stock of men's clothing, jewelry and shoes. It's a little on the pricey side, but everything is in pristine condition.

Our last stop before heading home was in Billings, MT.  Josh met up with some musician friends in the morning and while they practiced for the night's show, I wandered around downtown and found a few good thrift stores and one great vintage boutique, Montana Vintage Clothing.  Again, a great selection of just about everything, and very reasonably priced.  I tried on 3 or 4 dresses and ended up buying a beautiful purple/blue velvet number from the 1960's with silk ruffles on the neckline and hem. . .

Well, I'll be home tomorrow and I plan on getting started right away on updating the etsy shop, so stay tuned!

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